Romantic Music

  • Listen
  • Watch the video of the performance of the Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky
  • Note the use of dynamics within this piece of music.
  • Play
  • The task here is to write both a broken chord accompaniment and a simple melody and also add Dynamics.
  • The first and last chords are given as a C, again this gives the piece a beginning and an end.
  • The number of bars you use is up to you, a rough guide has been given.
  • As Melody (the tune) and Harmony (the chords) are so interrelated the piece must be written together, you cant compose a melody then chords as this could make a piece which doesn’t work.
  • It is best to begin with the chords, remember you can use any of the chords we have learnt to this point,you can make it as easy or as complicated as you like.
  • The melody will be dictated by the chords initially. The melody can just be the highest note of the chord, so whatever is being played on the A string will give you the note.
  • If there is time or you want to extend this activity extra notes can be added between these notes giving movement to the melody.
  • Once the piece has been written you can add some dynamics, remember we are looking for a good mix from Piano to Forte. These can be crescendo and diminuendo or just Forte and Piano.
Play Video

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