First Unit Now Free!

Due to the ongoing global crisis shutting many schools worldwide, we have decided to make the first unit of ukulele school absolutely free to all users. All you need is access to ukuleles and the internet and you have six simple lessons to get you playing.

In this unit you cover the basic chords C and F and learn how to change between the two, as well as covering some basic music theory and techniques.

We’re also updating regularly with short lessons and some hints and tips for anyone trying to learn the ukulele at home, check the first of these out on our youtube channel here.

*Edit: The Ukulele school is originally designed as a resource for schools, as such it is not currently optimised for mobile use, the resources are all great for solo learners but we advise using desktop or tablet. We hope to have it working better on mobile soon.

(The following button takes you to lesson one. Use the menu tab in the top corner to navigate the first six lessons).


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