A musical revolution

Wouldn’t it be great if every primary teacher was totally confident teaching music? Wouldn’t it be amazing if every class could just grab a set of ukuleles and sing a song to start the morning or write their own song to help them remember key facts?

We think that the ukulele can be a powerful tool for transforming the way teachers use music in their classroom. 

With our resources we aim to get whole classes and their teachers learning together to get comfortable using an instrument so that they can use it throughout the school week – not just in music lessons!

We know some of you are musical already and you can dip in to our rich resource of pieces and activities, but we want The Ukulele School to work for those teachers who have never played an instrument before and may be a bit scared of using music in front of a class. 

Our key goal is to support music making in schools as much as we can, if you’re not sure about a chord or a new concept, then just use one of our handy video tutorials. Still not sure – then contact us via our facebook page, or by email and our tutors will be happy to offer support and advice. 

What you can do to help.

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